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Quotes Upon making the decision to attempt a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth after 2 Cesereans), I knew that I would need a team of people around me to support and encourage my decision. Kristen was such an easy choice, especially with her VBAC experience (having a VBAC herself!) And she didn't let me down! She was a fantastic resource during my pre-natal time, and was always available on e-mail and phone to answer even the silliest questions! During pre-labor, she was quick to come to my house and labor with me, but also was supportive of my need to labor alone as well! When the time came to head to the hospital, she met us there and was with us every step of the way, even taking my daughter for a quick lunch when labor stalled a bit. During "go" time, she was right there beside me, encouraging me and giving me advice, as well as helping me make crucial labor decisions when I was unsure. She documented the entire delivery with my camera--photos that I will treasure forever! M Quotes
Jessica Morrison

Quotes Kristen Treat did more for us than any other caregiver in my life. She had to actively assist us for several *days* of labour and she did so with grace, joy, strength, and expertise. She has the capacity to be whatever you need from her at any given time and her attitude and ethic always compliment each reflected situation. -If you don't know already, dynamics of a birth can suffer from radical shifts-. She never judged us, nor answered for us. Simply offered us the most reliable information, offered pro's and con's and then left us to make our own informed decision. And to her credit once we came to a decision she really helped us stick by it. Quotes
Sarah Gray
Second Time Mama

Quotes When labor time came I called Kristen early. My water had broken and though my contractions were still very manageable I needed her calming presense around me. She showed up with refreshments and a smile. She helped me labor at home as long as I wanted to, giving me a million ideas to help labor along a bit since my HCP wanted me to come to the hospital within 12 hours of my waters being broken. Kristen reminded me of my HCP's concerns in regards to laboring at home after 12 hours, but supported my decision to stay home until I felt it was the right time to head into the hospital. When we got to the hospital things moved very quickly. I soon felt the urge to push and my daughter was born into my husband's welcoming hands (which once again Kristen remember was our goal and reminded him to go caught while she supported me) Quotes
Sara Smithe

Quotes Kristen was an amazing doula! One text and she was on her way! ;) She gave me my space when I needed it and was able to give me comfort when I needed that as well. I can not recommend her enough!! She was there putting pressure on my back for every. single. contraction. I think she worked as hard as I did. This woman is a rock, do not look any further, this is one amazing doula! Quotes
VBA2C Mama

Quotes I don't even know where to start with Kristen she was amazing! With this being my first pregnancy, my husband I were scared to death. We didn't know what to expect. We met with Kristen before the birth and she answered some of the questions we had. The day my doctor told me I needed to be induced, Kristen was the second person I called (after the hubby of course!). I was scared and I think she could tell by my voice. She calmly reassured me my fear was normal and she told me what to expect. She met me at the hospital not even 15 minutes after i got there. I don't remember much of the morning but all I know is she was by my side through every contraction. I ended up with an emergency c-section after a baby's heart dropped so low they could barely find it but Kristen was right there through it all. She would explain to me what was going on in a way that eased my mind. Quotes
Tiffany F
First time mom

Quotes If you are even thinking about hiring Kristen as your doula, DO IT NOW. It was one of the best decisions I made. My first childbirth had been unmedicated and uncomplicated, and for the better part of my second pregnancy, I had thought, "I don't need a doula--I did it the way I wanted the first time and I know what I need to do." After meeting with Kristen, however, my husband and I decided to use a doula after all! Kristen provided immeasurable support throughout my labor and delivery--she came to our house and stayed with me for 6 hours, then followed us to the hospital and supported me through the next 12 hours before I had another natural childbirth. My husband was able to nap through the wee morning hours because I had Kristen there with me to walk the halls of the hospital and provide physical support through my contractions. I didn't think I needed a doula this time around. Now I wish I'd had Kristen as my doula with my first daughter! Quotes
Mom the second time around

Quotes I have to say this was a very emotional time for me for many reasons, but I want to say that having Kristen there with me made me feel so comfortable & much more relaxed. It was awesome having her there to help support me as well as my husband. Thank you! Quotes
Twin mama!

Quotes I will never be able to thank Kristen enough for what she did for my wife, baby girl and myself during Katie's 36 hour labor. Kristen was able to suggest that based on her labor pattern Bella was probably in a bad position and was able to get Katie into about a million positions to get Bella to move on down. If Kristen had not been a part of our labor there is no doubt that Katie would have needed a cesarean. Thank you Thank you Thank you Kristen. You made our birth a reality Quotes
Just the daddy

Quotes Me and Megan took Kristen's Bradley class even though we were late to sign up. She was the nicest, most accomodating person we could have ever hoped for in a Bradley instructor. Kristen's class became such an important resource for our entire birth experience. We learned so much about being first-time parents that I'm not sure what we would have done without her. Then when the time came for Megan to give birth Kristen drove 50 miles out of town to our Hospital in Blair and spent more than 20 hours helping us out and making sure our baby was happy and healthy. Megan had a marathon 60 hour labor and I'm positive I would have passed out from exhaustion without Kristen's help. As a father/coach, Kristen giving me breaks during labor allowed me to have the presence of mind to make the right decisions for both my wife and baby, and in the end EVERYONE was happy as could be! Quotes
Happy Daddy

Quotes Kristen was my savior. During my pregnancy my husband and I decided to separate. I was so scared and afraid of what labor would be like without him, he had been my rock the first time around. The time came and Kristen rushed to my house, in early labor nonetheless, and stayed with me three hours after my son was born. She was amazing. Because of her I was able to give birth without any medication. (How's your hand by the way?) She was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Quotes
Sarah Spelling