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Quotes After five years of healing and research about childbirth, I knew I wanted to hire a doula for our second birth. Deciding to hire Kristen was the easiest and best decision we made when planning this VBAC. She was invaluable during labor, acting as a doula and even as a therapist counseling me between contractions about my birthing fears. Without her emotional support, I?m certain the outcome would not have been an unmedicated VBAC (12+ hours of labor). And her support didn?t stop with the birth. When I was very sick and needed medical attention she stayed to support my spouse for hours. She was there to hold the baby when he needed to be with me. She was there for him and helped him process the experience. She stayed well past the birth (5 or 6 extra hours). She taught him how to feed our daughter with a syringe until I was well enough to feed her myself. If you?re even considering hiring her, do it. You won?t regret it. Quotes

Quotes When I first saw Kristen my nipples were bleeding and I was in so much pain every time my baby latched on. I couldn't imagine going one more day. For the first 10 minutes of my appointment I just cried. Kristen listened, supported and eventually gave me the advice I needed to improve my technique and get my baby girl nursing without pain. She also gave such helpful information to increase my supply so now three months later after returning to work my baby is still 100% breastfed and I have milk to share!! Quotes

Quotes I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kristen. She literally saved my life. When I first contacted her at the insistence of my doctor I was in a very dark place. With Kristen's support I was able to work my way back to a place of light. This wasn't an easy journey but without Kristen it would have been impossible. Thank you Kristen for helping me find happiness again. Quotes

Quotes Well I should start off saying that I could not of had my baby girl all natural without Kristen, I was in labor 23 hrs and she was with me through every contraction till the very end. I am so glad that I hired her. She knew alot more about childbirth than I did seeing as it was my first kid. the extra set of hands was awesome and she help keep both me and my fiance calm through out the whole process. I will never have another kid without a doula. Anyone would be crazy not to hire her. Quotes

Quotes Kristen put up with my incessant whining about being pregnant, my questions and follow up questions and has always been a sympathetic ear. She was able to find out exactly what we wanted from our birth and make it happen. This doesn't just happen in a chance meeting.....it's about developing a relationship with a couple and understanding TRULY who they are and what they believe and desire. My husband's biggest testimonial about Kristen is that she got to play the buffer while I was in transition. He never got yelled at.....Kristen did! :) She helped maintain a pleasant atmosphere and kept encouraging me and helping in just the right way at just the right time throughout the entire process. She knew what I needed before I knew what I needed. (Even grabbed those crucial photographs at the end while husband was distracted!) We highly recommend her. Quotes
Kim & Kevin

Quotes I was looking for someone who had experience with vbacs in particular. My goal was to successfully accomplish a vba3c. When I told her this, I was expecting almost any other response but, "You can absolutely do this and I'm on board!" I knew I had to have someone with her positive reinforcement as well as calm, kind demeanor. She was so great to be available for any questions that I had through the remaining months of pregnancy. When D-day arrived there was no hesitation she was by my side for 24 amazing hours working our sweet little girl unto the world. Kristen was able to help me naturally manage my pain, suggest options for new positions to help baby descend and apply great pressure when needed. Quotes

Quotes Kristen was incredible! This was my first baby so I did not know what to expect. She helped me figure out what I wanted from my birthing experience, what questions to ask, and helped me create a birthing plan. I would highly recommend her, and she will be a part of all of my births! Quotes

Quotes I was fortunate to have Kristen Treat as my doula for the birth of my second baby. After the difficult medicated hospital birth of my first child(I did not have a doula for my first birth), the goal for my second delivery was natural childbirth. Kristen helped me work through my fears and I was able to have my perfect birth at the Midwife's Place in Bellevue, Nebraska. I know, without a doubt, that it could not have been done without Kristen's guidance throughout my pregnancy. I felt I did everything in my power to have the birth I wanted the second time around and hiring Kristen as my doula was a huge part of making it happen. Kristen is undeniably passionate about pregnancy and natural childbirth. The knowledge and experience she carries with that passion gave me great comfort during my pregnancy. I recommend her and would not hesitate to hire her again. Quotes
Megan R

Quotes I would never want to go through my first pregnancy and delivery without a doula. I am so glad that Kristen and I's paths crossed and that she was available to be my doula. She was very reassuring and empowering. She really got to know us and helped us develop a birth plan that we felt comfortable with. My significant other and I felt very well prepared and supported when we were at the hospital. Her certification as a lactation consultant was extremely helpful as well, since breast feeding was so important to us. I would highly recommend Kristen for anyone looking for a doula who will help you assert your wishes and help you to feel confident in your decisions. Quotes
Lindsey S

Quotes The best part about working with Kristen during pregnancy was she could be exactly what I needed from an extra contact for prenatal questions, a library of information, a guide to good providers, to a daily check in towards the end when I was having a hard time sticking to my "game plan". If I needed excitement, I got it.. if I needed a calm collected head, got it... someone, to listen, got it... between her flexible/great personality and wealth of knowledge in the world of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, etc. she was just what we wanted. Quotes
Amber Vallier
Second Time Mom
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